One week late--Currently aborting possible fetus

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One week late--Currently aborting possible fetus

Postby OpalHaizon » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:55 pm

Hello there,

My period is about 4 days late (this would be my third one since giving birth to my son in July of 2015). My cycle usually runs about 33 days, and my last Moon was February 11th. I have been taking vitamin C for about 4 days, started taking Don Quai for the first couple days, too, but then stopped, and have been taking black cohosh off and on. Today I started drinking dried parsley tea. Couldn't find organic parsley sprigs for internal use. I've been going on uphill jogs with baby in the front-pack and have been using a few essential oils. I don't have access to Pennyroyal or blue cohosh where I am at. I have been finding it incredibly hard to slow my mind down and tune in, and am feeling strange from all these medicines. I do feel as though I jumped into this before centering myself. Today I was able to slow down a little bit, and experience the serenity of the sun, and my son, in our backyard. I find it very challenging to focus my mind and conduct visualizations on aborting a fetus while simultaneously care-taking a handsome 8-month old baby boy. Also, the conception (with my ex-husband) was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, and so it feels so diminishing to disallow a being to enter into this realm who wanted to be born out of such strong connection and love. Of course I know that this is definitely not the time to bring another child into the world, and being a single mother who makes $350/month, I simply cannot do it....And there still stands the situation: I am taking handfuls of vitamin c (an exaggeration ;) ) and herbs, but the meaning isn't there behind my mouthfuls.

I have done a lot of reading about ways of aborting a fetus...I know it is relatively early in the game and that is an advantage for me. If anybody has any advice concerning how to move my mental state toward a healthy approach to this, and/or the perfect blend of herbs that will do the trick, or any intuitive guidance, I am receptive to your valuable wisdom.


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Re: One week late--Currently aborting possible fetus

Postby sadsong75 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:02 pm

Sorry you are dealing with difficult decisions in your life. Unfortunately, I am going through the opposite, trying to have another child after tubal ligation and loss of my 3 year old son due to a terminal illness. I hope your path has become clear and you have the strength to follow it.

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