Sick all the time!

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Re: Sick all the time!

Postby Gwen » Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:10 am

I would suggest making no immediate changes. Rather, perhaps step 1 could be to start exploring the outdoors a little and allow yourself some time for observation and contemplation. Maybe take a deep breathe.

Perhaps, spending time outdoors might validate or illuminate what you already know.

Perhaps step two might be to research a few herbs such as mullein and other demulcents that help with bronchitis. Last year I had a nasty cough that I decided was bronchitis. I never got a diagnosis but I researched it and it seemed to fit. I also passed this cough onto my daughter. Actually, she passed it on to me and I passed it back to her!! I used Malva neglecta roots boiled in water, steeped with peppermint, and drank with milk and honey. I also made a lot of lemonade and added white sage. I got this cough in summer, by the way. I also live ten minutes from the coast. Before I figured these remedies out I was trying every random thing in my cabinet and at one point made my cough so dry that I started coughing blood. That's when I knew I had to stop and focus. It took several weeks but once I found the right herbs the improvement was fast and noticeable. Researching effective home remedies for bronchitis could be very empowering for you.

Step three might be substituting your red clover supplement for a red clover infusion. Or weening yourself from one single herb or supplement.

Step four might be contacting Jim McDonald, who actually lives in your area. He gives plant walks and I think he sees clients. If he doesn't, he might at the very least have a few helpful hints for you or might be able to refer you to someone reputable and competent.

These are just possibilities. I've already shared most of my thoughts and have nothing else to offer. Also, I don't want to stand in the way of your intuition which seems very much on target. The last thing I would suggest is to give yourself time. You may not figure this out overnight. So be patient with yourself, makes your choices mindfully and in confidence. I'm sure there are other wise people here more knowledgable who can give you more direct advice, so I will step back now. Best of luck to you!!!

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Re: Sick all the time!

Postby NiklasTyreso » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:36 pm

I used to have the same problem.

I hope you have good sleaping habits.
Echinacea and chaga tea are great in stimulating the immune system. I prefere chaga.

When I started eating omega-3 rich herring 2-3 times per week I reduced my colds.
I am a Scandinavian herbalist and a man, in search for more wisdom.

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