I need support to heal my emotional illness

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I need support to heal my emotional illness

Postby Earthwriter » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:23 pm

I'm on a painful rollercoaster of emotional illness and I'm in urgent need of healing and support. I have painful crying jags, which I know is healthy, but I'm very vulnerable to depression. I'm a very stressed Mama caregiver for my special needs autistic little boy, which is causing stress to my marriage, and I drink chamomile tea, I take St. John's Wort, I toke cannabis, laugh as much as I can, I meditate, do yoga, Tai Chi, enjoy fresh clean air and warm healing sun and all these wonderful healing remedies do help, but I still feel like I'm falling apart and the worst part is, while I'm very grateful to share my life with my loving caring wonderful husband, I feel very isolated with no local in real life support from Kindred Spirit Mamas and having a few close loving sister Mama friends would help a lot. I explained in the childbirth child rearing years forum. I'm also delving into the 12 Steps for Recovery. I also enjoy pure organic essential oils for healing lovely aromatherapy and that helps a lot, too. I'm open to other healing loving suggestions, thank you.
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Re: I need support to heal my emotional illness

Postby MoonFairy » Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:14 pm

Hello, Earthwriter,

It looks like your post was written a long time ago. I hope that by now you are better. It looks like you were doing lots of good things to handle and manage stress. Caring for a child can be stressful and caring for one with special needs even more so. Perhaps you might want to look at the nutrition aspect. Some raw milk might help with the stress as well as B-vitamins and foods that contain calcium magnesium or a magnesium supplement. Sometimes good old fashioned butter spread on a small piece of bread does wonders. My favorite butter right now is Kerrygold. Rich yellow color means more nutrients. A swig of nettle infusion in my raw milk always seems to help me when I feel like I can no longer withstand the stress. And some veggie soup helps to ease my stress as well -- 2 cups of chicken stock, 1 cup of water, a handful of green beans, 1 chopped zuccinni and a cup of celery. Boil, add 3 tbsps of tomato sauce, 1 tbsp. honey and 1/2 tsp of paprika and salt to taste. Let simmer for about 45 minutes. It really does wonders to help the adrenal glands that take a toll with the stress we are under. Hope you are feeling better by now, and if not, these suggestions might help. Best of luck to you.


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