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Susun Weeds Wise Woman Forum • Yoni Steaming aka Vaginal Steaming
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Yoni Steaming aka Vaginal Steaming

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:54 pm
by Lady Alinor
Yes, Yoni Steaming, giving ones yoni a steam bath!
Warm herbal steam enveloping the external portion of the vagina.
Wouldn't a steam be more convenient than a sitz bath!

Can help regulate a late or absent menstrual cycle
Can repair vaginal tears or episotomy scarring (may cause some pain so not on new tears)
Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, prolapse and endometriosis
Speed healing and help build tone to yoni after giving birth
Helps relieve dryness associated with menopause,
Helps reduce pain, bloating and fatigue with menses ( there are some cautions about not using a yoni steam during menstruation, wait until finished or 1 week prior)

Yoni Steaming can also help us release stored emotions and it can remind us to reconnect to our female body.
Soothe and relaxes pelvic muscles...another plus if one is feeling tight, congested, cold...

Steam warms thus increasing blood flow/circulation which can bust loose any 'coldness' and 'stagnation' both of which are causes of pain.

Warm SPREADS , warm OPENS .....so it is advised NOT to Yoni Steam while pregnant!!!! Also do not yoni steam if equiped with an IUD or if experiencing an active yeast infection.

This site has good information AND a nice list of herbs one can use and a few formulas as well! Like Calendula, Rose, Basil, Comfrey, Nettle, Lemon balm, etc.
https://www.indigomoonenemark.com/your- ... ni-steams/

This is the ayurvedic take on Yoni Steaming
https://www.theayurvedaexperience.com/b ... -steaming/

I wonder if men could also benefit from a steam...keeping in mind the fragile wigglers of course.

Re: Yoni Steaming aka Vaginal Steaming

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:53 am
by Lady Alinor
Just a thought.....
In Christian mythology the 'wise men' (more likely mid-wives) gave Frankincense and Myrrh to the Mother and her child for healing after giving birth....mama's you know what I'm saying. Mary for her peritoneal and the babe for the umbilical cord.
I'm wondering if a steam was used or smoke/smudge or if she made a salve?!