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BV - recurring case and natural treatment. Please help!

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:19 pm
by arielsol

I am so sad to see this forum and amazing resource that I have used for so many years has disappeared but so grateful it is being re-created!! And happy to contribute to its beginnings.

I have had BV, bacterial vaginosis, off and on for years. I didn't really realize how often I had it until the last few years of battling the horrible smell and finding my own treatment that's mostly worked. I've been dx a few times and taken antibiotics but am not interested in that route as it just recurs too often, and I don't like to take them.

Solutions that have worked for me has been Boric Acid suppositories that I've made myself. But in the last 8 months I've had BV 3 times… and I've not been having a lot of sex so I'm not sure exactly what is bringing it back. And, after just finishing my period a few days ago and not having it before it started I'm beginning to think it could possibly be my Diva Cup that's causing a change in my ph? (This makes me sad because I really like it and don't want to go back to wasteful tampons. And pads don't cut it for me.)

I am curious if any of you wise women have any solutions for balancing vaginal ph and getting rid of BV for good? Share what you've tired and has or hasn't worked… Let's recreate the resources for others so we all can rid ourselves of BV for good! :)

Thanks in advance!!

Re: BV - recurring case and natural treatment. Please help!

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:36 am
by Tara
Hello Arielsol!

While I may not have the answer you seek, I TOTALLY love Boric Acid for BV. I have only had serious BV a few times in my life, and have made Boric Acid suppositories with awesome success. I usually only need one or two, really. There was only one time in which I was put on these suppositories for 14 days by my doctor to treat a specific, non-albicans type of candida infection.

Now, I don't know if Susun would approve of Boric Acid, but in all honesty, I don;t like antibiotics either, nor has anything else worked for me. So if I ever get BV, this is what I will go for. It WORKS.

Perhaps do an experiment - don't use your Diva Cup next time and go with pads just to see if the Cup may be the issue. Then you'll have your answer. Diet, too, could contribute.
I am sure there are FAAAAR wiser women on here than I , who could help you out but I thought I'd add my experience and testimony for those suppositories. I have not had BV for years but am always watching out. Also, realize that BV is okay. It's okay to get. We live with other life forms on our body. It's common and treatable.

Big hugs!

Re: BV - recurring case and natural treatment. Please help!

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:56 pm
by Lady Alinor
I had to toss my Diva cup because I kept getting some horrible itching/burning and I think it caused a bit of a prolapse (caused by the suction).

Arielsol...Have you considered a gluten or corn sensitivity?

Re: BV - recurring case and natural treatment. Please help!

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:56 am
by arielsol
Thank you for the suggestions ladies. I will experiment with not using the Diva Cup… I do know that Bv is ok, it's just annoying to deal with on such a regular basis, especially when I'm not even sexually active :/

I don't eat a lot of gluten or corn but it could still be along those lines. My diet is pretty clean.


Re: BV - recurring case and natural treatment. Please help!

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:50 pm
by crowsdaughter
Good healing to you.
One of the things that has helped me and I have also heard Susun talk about this is to increase the fermented
food in your diet so that you have a plentiful amount of good bacteria.
It does sound like it could be the Diva Cup though.
A good exercise that I work with students on is in the Seven Medicines approach:
Story medicine. Do writing about what your story is about this and then write what you would like
your story to be. It will reveal more and the deeper healing that is required to resolve this issue.
Peace and Abundant Green Blessings, Julie