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weak digestion

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:08 pm
by gartenzwerg
My partner has a terribly weak digestion and has often constipation. He eats plenty of raw vegetables and does green smoothies. He often eats a cold lunch. In the past he even did more of that like cold brown rice salads. My gut (which works perfectly) feelings say that this aggravates the situation and I read something about how too much fibre actually can worsen the problem. It is maybe not very good to kick the gut each time it is supposed to work. My feeling says that hot porridge and cooked food is better (as I cook this is easy to influence). On the top of it he is vegetarian which probably does not help either, but I don't want to pursuade or push (everyone has to decide on its own). That is a gut feeling and no evidence or information. I don't even know weather or not it is true. What I know is that Chinese medicine does not favour raw food either. BTW it is late autumn here and cold.
What do you think? What herbs would you suggest? And what food? Can you recommend any reading?