growing Elder Berry Sambucs Nigra

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growing Elder Berry Sambucs Nigra

Postby Brooke » Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:51 pm

Does any one have any Experience growing sambucus Nigra from seed/berry? I I recently looked for the plant and only could find seeds from Europe(I worry about them being seized on import to the US Or radiated) I didn't do an in depth search. My search did turn up, Bob Gordon, Adams, Ranch,& a few other names of hybrids? Do these plants The same medicinal values? I know there is a movement in America to start growing elderberry on US soil. Are these GMO Plants? Sub Species?
I would like to grow her in my yard For medicinal and culinary uses for my family.
Any advice & information would be much Appreciated & where to get Plant or cutting?

Thank You Very Much!

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Re: growing Elder Berry Sambucs Nigra

Postby RoseRed » Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:53 am

I bought mine from a nursery.

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Re: growing Elder Berry Sambucs Nigra

Postby NateFlory » Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:20 am

Not sure which area of the country you are in, but what I've done is propagated quite a few Elder shrubs from one wild plant I positively identified that was growing alongside a field. They send up lots of little shoots each spring, so I took a spade to one of the side-shoots that had sent up a stalk and leaves, and transplanted it in my own yard. (after asking the shrub-spirits, one said NO WAY!, one said "take me take me!")
Once THAT one got big enough, I just "planted" a few umbrils of berry in a new area by just tossing the clump in the dirt and lightly covering it. Next year, a new shoot came up there too.

I've never tried from pure dried seed however. Just know that they seem to like moist "edges" to live near. Not in an open field, not under a bunch of shady trees. The most healthy ones I've seen wild were all on road cuts, under power lines by the towers supports, or along a rivernbank, tucked between shade and sun above the water. Same with mine, the ones "beside" the barn do great, the ones out on the corner of the garden meadow, are short and unhappy in the open (it seems like to me at least, your mileage may vary of course!!)

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