Hijama Methods and Benefits

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Hijama Methods and Benefits

Postby bradoral » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:59 pm

Hijama Methods and Benefits

Types of Hijama:

1-Wet Method:

it is done by extracting blood by make small cuts in certain areas of the body.Some explain the therapeutic effect of hijama that the corrupted blood is eliminated from the body and this blood carry old red blood cells , free radicals and toxins . this blood accumulate and settle in certain areas of body in the top parts of back and this areas charactarized by weak circulation and slowness of blood movement so by eliminating it ,it leads to purifying the blood pathway and increase circulation and promote synthesis of new red blood cells to make the blood more healthy.

2-Dry Hijama:

Similar to Wet method but without skin cuts and the blood not extracted in it but it changes the internal and external pressure.

Benefits of Hijama:

1-increase circulation, cleansing of Small and big arteries and veins .
2-increase lymphatic drainage .
3-increase nerve respons and make the brain more active.
4-elimination of toxins and free radicals which present in blood accumulations between skin and muscles.
5-promote immunity system.

Full Source Article: benefits of hijama

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