Love herbs and supplement-these ok 2gether?

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Love herbs and supplement-these ok 2gether?

Postby BeautyRegimineF27 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:30 pm

Hello I really like herbs. I did searches and most of them had zero results. I was just surprised that's ok I will still stick around. I realize there's a spelling mistake in my username oops will just leave it.
My favorites are horsetail silica(I want to try bamboo silica soon capsules) Maca root,suma root,saw palmetto(with pygeum) opti MSN sulfur. I have found saw palmetto(160mg) softgels with pygeum are helping me with urinary issue and stomach issues.

I'm female should I take 160mg once or twice per day? also will use it part of beauty herbs/supplements daily. I want to start exercising and enhance beauty and curves the most while being healthy.

Products I've used are Gaia adrenal health,KAL silica plus(recently discontinued so then will get swansons bamboo silica) Now foods Maca root and swanson vitamins products(the softgels I mention,suma root, opti MSN)

just want to make sure it sounds like great plan and sound healthy.

You can search at to see ingredient list in the products. I hope nothing will have interactions. And can be taken long term. If you would rather I lost the herbs and amounts here I can. I do not have many health issues. No high blood pressure,cancer Ect. Ect. I do not take any prescriptions.


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Re: Love herbs and supplement-these ok 2gether?

Postby NiklasTyreso » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:59 am

There have been some days since your post without any reply. Maybe that’s because many people in this forum collect the herbs themselfes or buy whole dried herbs, not supplement tablets.
If you collect your own herbs then you know you get the real thing. Even in towns and suburbs you can collect herbs if you do not collect close to industrial wastes and busy roads. I collect my St Johns Wort on a field behind a shopping center.

I have heard many positive opinions on MSN for sulfur supplementation, but I prefer to get my sulfur from garlic (and onions).

I am a Scandinavian herbalist and a man, in search for more wisdom.

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