(Severe) Depression?

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(Severe) Depression?

Postby CoffeeCup » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:26 pm


I recently made the decision to go back on a SSRI drug that I had been on for a few years and decided to quit because I thought I could "make it on my own". Truth is, I couldn't, nor did my beloved St. Joan's Wort help me entirely either. I have to admit that the drugs did help take the edge off. I don't like that my condition is bad enough to justify medication, but it is. At least at this time in my life.

My question is, what can I do in terms of the Wise Woman Tradition to aid myself while on the medication? I already drink my infusions. I cannot be on St. Joan's Wort at the same time as the med (contraindication), so that's not an option. My diet is healthy- I eat everything, and I am trying to employ other methods of healing and such, even though the world feels incredibly overwhelming at times.

Any other suggestions in the way of herbs/ healing/ Wise Woman etc? My motivation is lacking. I feel the world closing in on me, and am panicky a lot. And that doesn't even begin to describe what goes on in my head. Ughhhh.

Thank you and green blessings :)

CoffeeCup (I do love my coffee! But limit myself to one cup a day) ;)

snow moon
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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby snow moon » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:13 pm

Hi Coffee Cup,

I leave the herbal recommendations to more experienced souls ... But I wanted to say I am sending a loving prayer your way.

And that I relate to feeling so overwhelmed. You are not alone and whatever you are feeling is part of the feeling of the entire planet. And it is people like you writing honestly and seeking healing that give me hope.

Just a small thought and virtual hug~
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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby CoffeeCup » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:29 pm

Awww thank you SO MUCH snow moon for your lovely reply. I really do appreciate it. :)

A big hug to you too xx

Melissa Doordaughter
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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby Melissa Doordaughter » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:50 am

Hi CoffeeCup, nice to meet you.

I love my coffee too! But have had to limit myself....
Maybe if you can't take St Joans Wort internally at the moment, you might consider the "breathe with your ally" technique, breathing consciously with a plant, or an image of a plant, of your choice. That way you can maintain a connection with St Joans Wort. I found practicing a regular breathing technique really helped me with my own anxieties when I was doing some major recovery from PTSD, and sort of opened the way for other necessary changes...

There was a really nice series of radio talks by Susun Weed about "Serenity herbs", in which she talks about the benefits of the mint family.

Happy new year!


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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby Singingcrowsings » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:09 am

Hey there Coffeecup!

Carrying around a small satchel of peppermint and lavender for you to smell could be helpful for you.

Have you every looked into Bach flower essences? They can be mixed with medication.

If you decide to try to reduce or come off your medication again....

I have helped a few clients come off medication. If they had gone at the rate their doctors were telling them to go, it would have been way too shocking for them and leave them returning to and reliant on the medication, and in a bad cycle of trying to get off. If you decide to try again, what I would suggest is listening to both your body and your inner voice. If there's any hesitancy whatsoever, you're not ready. That could be your throat or other muscles tightening at the thought, or a quick thought of "eek!" Take it as slow as possible at first so you can gage the reduction you can handle.

The medication blocks your awareness of things, emotional, energetic, peripheral awareness of others and events, so when you do any reduction, that's going to come back, how much is dependant on how much you reduce at once. The key is to be aware and emotionally prepared that this is going to happen, work on fully breathing as you experience it, and identify your triggers and how you react to them. Slowly, you'll adapt to the access of the new information and find your grounding in it. When it feels safe again and your inner voice calmly says you're ready to take the next step, then take it.

Everyone is different. I know people who have gotten off their meds in a few months, other though, up to 2.5 years. Our society tends to rush people, and so we need to give ourselves permission to be where we're at and make changes when we're ready. It takes patience and compassion for ourselves, and those are good things.

Sending you lots of love! :)

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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby CoffeeCup » Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:04 am

Oh Melissa and Singingcrowsings, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for your wonderful replies, they are much-appreciated! I'd been away from the forum for a bit and am very happy to have come back to your replies. :)

I will try breathing with an ally (what an awesome idea) and take on board Singing's advice. I do take Bach remedies, yes! I find them helpful. I will certainly do the peppermint/Lav satchel; I love both!

Thanks again Wise Sisters and lots of love to you xxxxx

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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby marksteven288 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:55 am

Hiii CoffeeCup (I also love my coffee and limit myself to 2 cups a day) ;)

Well depression is something that directly deals with one's mental state. If we can control our thoughts and flow then it can be handled easily. But controlling our thoughts is not soo easy. So its need to practice it.

There are several techniques like meditation, yoga etc which can help.

Some nice replies here .. :)

I am a healer by profession. I found amazing information while working in healing therapies which I want to share here. I believe in natural and spiritual healing.


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Re: (Severe) Depression?

Postby CoffeeCup » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:13 pm

Thank you so much, Mark!

Yes, it's a work in progress for some of us, having that mental state flow smoothly and peacefully..

Thanks for your response :)

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