Traveling with Tinctures

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snow moon
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Traveling with Tinctures

Postby snow moon » Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:56 am

I guess I haven't been on many planes since I began taking herbal medicines, as I find myself a bit at bay in preparing for a flight.

According to their website, the TSA allows "small amounts of liquids" in the three ounce capacity in carry-ons. Some of my tinctures were in four ounce bottles, so I bought two ounce bottles and repackaged them. But now with my clumsy homemade labels, I worry that they may arouse attention. Also I have nine tinctures bottles in total: perhaps too many?

I will be checking a bag, but I'm unsure if it gets too cold in that compartment for medicines. And I would rather have them close to me in the event a checked bag is lost or delayed.

Egad. Any frequent flyers here? Advice? I am relying on these herbs daily, and don't want to experience any interruptions. Perhaps I should put the most essential in the carry-on, and risk the others in the checked bag? Thanks for any any input!

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Re: Traveling with Tinctures

Postby Movlin » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:59 am

2 oz bottles should be fine, but you can call TSA (or ask online), to be sure. Depending on what they say I would double pack - a set for carry on, a set in checked luggage to be safe.


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