On Finding Perspective

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On Finding Perspective

Postby Justine » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:15 pm

On Finding Spiritual Perspective


The Woman woke early to greet the rising sun. The glow of dawn bathed her in light and warmth as she entered into the glory of a new days creation. This was a daily practice in which helped her to center, focus, and find the strength and peace to endure each days trials.
At times she would greet each morning with various yoga poses, sometimes she would light her favorite incense, listen to soft music, and focus in prayer and meditation practices. Many times she found her inspiration through one of her spiritual books. Her morning rituals differed, led by Spirit. The intention and goal, however, remained the same: to start each day by seeking union and strength from Spirit Divine!

Where’s that snooze bar? Dreaming again! I shudder in the cold, beings that three nocturnal travelers (aged 6, 4 and 1) have migrated to my bed during the night and stealthily taken away all of my blankets. Brrrrrrr.
I usually will hit the snooze bar two more times ( a total of 27 minutes) before leaving the Baby Nest and starting a morning pot of coffee for husband and I. For the millionth time “I swear” I am going to invent the “catapult bed” for the teenagers, and after several morning calls the house is a-flurry with showers, make-up, clothes bartering (we have four teenagers as well) and the infamous daily Shoe Hunt.

Sigh. Eight o’clock. The older children are in school, hubby is at work, and the babies drift into the living room one by one, sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy. As I feed and dress the babies amidst the morning clutter of a somewhat ransacked home, I wonder…about that woman in my dreams…where’s my morning tryst? Where’s my little corner of solitude to start each day by focusing and receiving inner strength?
I know that we, as humans, will always prioritize and find time to do those things that we find important. Spiritual focus is very precious and important to me; but sleep is as well, and the thought of getting up any earlier than I already do is a very scary and threatening idea for a mama who (like most mamas) considers herself rather sleep deprived!

I do practice centering and focus techniques. I do “go in” many times a day to that place of peace within where Spirit dwells. I do draw inspiration from the many spiritual books that I own and , yes, I do occasionally remember to take the baby with me outside to greet the rising sun. But for the most part, the serene and idealistic woman of the dream is exactly that--a dream and an ideal--it would be so nice, but it’s just not “where I’m at” right now in my family way, and I must be very, very creative in my attempts to go in and seek union with Spirit.
One of my favorite spiritual practices is to light one of my favorite incenses, Nag Champa, and listen to uplifting Goddess music, such as Lisa Thiel’s “Invocation of the Graces” while I do dishes and clear away kitchen clutter. Beings that I spend so much time in my kitchen I have made it a very special and pretty place, with many of my favorite things such as plants, moons, figurines, etc. gracing the counters, window ledges, and shelves. (What do you like?)
I like to read while I am nursing the baby to nap, 2-3 times a day now, sitting in the blue rocker and reading one of the usually 4 books that I have going on.
I also draw strength from introducing spiritual practices with the babies, sometimes this is as simple and profound as being outside and showing them how to make connection with life Force, and to appreciate the beauty of Nature. At times more structured, for example we are reading through a beautiful spiritual primer for children called “Mountains, Meadows and Moonbeams” by Mary Summer Rain. We also make a practice of praying for the needs and cares of others, and always praying before each meal. I believe that everything tastes better when the heart is gratefulJ! Our prayers usually go something like this:
Thank you Father God
Thank You Mother Earth
For this food before us,
We also give thanks and honor
To the lives that gave of themselves
That we may eat. In Christ’s name, Amen.

As I said, I have not yet attained the serene spiritual ideal in my life, but to be quite honest in the midst of the order in this chaos, I have begun to identify with and seek inspiration from Goddess figures such as Brighid, Mary and Demeter. Necessity is the mother of invention. I wonder if I would’ve experienced these various Goddess emanations without being pressed?

I feel like my life is such a crucible! A crucible is a pot that is generally made out of a heavy metal such as iron. It has to be heavy and strong to handle the extreme heat that it must stand, for in the crucible gold and silver are melted unto a liquid state. We often behold ideals as being the only way to experience beauty and joy; but like a piece of fine jewelry, there is often a rigorous process that leads one into the ideal. I’ll get there someday, somehow; but for now I grasp at Spirit’s hand wherever I can, whenever I can, taking nothing for granted and by no means seeing anything as common. Now if you’ll excuse me, the baby is standing on top of the table eating Play-Dough….
~~Beth Sage~Weber

Jae Lily
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Re: On Finding Perspective

Postby Jae Lily » Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:23 pm

Love this- thanks for posting :)

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Re: On Finding Perspective

Postby em8 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:41 pm

Beautiful post and somewhat familiar! It has given me hope that I may find my spiritual focus too, thankyou.

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