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June - August 2019

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:15 pm
by Allie

June 6-9: Wheaton MA. International Herbal Symposium,
June 11: Shamanic Herbal Apprentices, High-Summer Group begins
June 15: Berlin, CT; Weed Walk and Talk.
June 16: Work-exchange Sunday
June 21: Summer Solstice Moonlodge
June 22: Hands-on: The Great Remedies: Identify, harvest, prepare and use the greatest herbal remedies.
June 23: Tree Medicines in Your Hands: Visit the trees, make white pine vinegar, oak bark sitz, slippery elm balls
June 27-30: Green Witch Holiday
June 28: Moonlodge

July 7-12: Rhinecliff, NY: Omega Institute,
July 13-14: Work-exchange Weekend
July 20?: NY, CoSM: Plant Spirit Medicine,
July 27-28: Work-exchange Weekend
July 29-August 4: Green Goddess Apprentice Week

August 2: Moonlodge
August 9: Moonlodge
August 10: More Hands-on Great Remedies: Identify, harvest, prepare and use great herbal remedies
August 11: Hands-on Holy Ferment: Taste and make lacto-fermented sauerkraut, herbal wines, yogurt, and more
August 17-18: Work-exchange Weekend
August 22-25: Whidbey Is, WA: Pacific NW Herbal Symposium,