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Thanks for adding me

Postby Plantlover » Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:10 pm

I am a wife to a wonderful man now for 29 yrs, mother of 3 girls and grandmother to 6 grandsons and 1 grand daughter, acting grandmother to 1 sweet girl and 1 awesome nephew due to my sisters untimely death before he was born. Long dreadful story that's for another time. And until he decides he wants me to be his aunt instead of his grandmother is up to him. I am both for the moment. Anyway I am a self taught plantaholic. I worked in the horticultural field for a few years and my love for plants goes back to my mother having plants in our yard. Her love for plants of all kinds rubbed off on me. She taught me to preserve foods by the freezing method and as I got older I taught myself how to can and dehydrate, I just love the internet and google, great way to learn things from others experiences.

I have always been interested in Herbal Remedies and do a home made lip balm and salve using Comfrey leaves for this. Works great for bruises, cuts, chapped lips and cold sores. As I am getting older I am less able to be digging in the yard and I am trying to decrease my plant inventory, except for the herbal ones. I believe in herbal teas for colds and flu but I have only bought those teas and they do great. But I would love to learn more about the different blends and what they are good for.

I am semi retired and loving it. Its giving me more time to spend with family and get things done around my home and garden that need to be done. I came across this forum while looking for dosages on a couple wild herbs that grows around my house. So glad to have found you and hope I can contribute what little I know of the plant kingdom. Thanks for having me.

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Re: Thanks for adding me

Postby Allie » Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:32 pm


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