The Green Woman Tale: Parts Twenty Four and Twenty Five

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The Green Woman Tale: Parts Twenty Four and Twenty Five

Postby chloeopal » Mon May 23, 2016 3:50 am

Part 24

Clary was talking about the consecrated books kept quietly by witches of their practices and personal tangents, sometimes called a book of shadows or grimoire....
“Herbology is one aspect, but others will surface. Like for you, all your visions and trance journeys could be recorded and then the research they inspire. Often your discoveries lead to learning symbology that may well connect to folk lore or the different manifestations of deity. So you see it becomes a bit epic already!
They pulled the old grimoire down from its respectfull resting place and Sam could begin to see what was written there in a new light. It was all handwritten, which had a nice feel to it, no computers back then. There were diagrams, illustrations, plant sketches, wedged in between pages were pressed flowers and leaves...
“Have you ever written something similar Clary?”
“No love, not directly as such, the magic of the plants has created enough writing for me. I can see it could be a good thing for you though, youve already started journaling your ideas in this direction. This is just another step...”
“I think I’ll work on a title page today, and do some research on what to include. Start writing up the notes I already have. Mind if I take a break like that Clary?”
“Hardly a break, your defining your spiritual beliefs my love, I think you’ll find you’ve just started another long term project, one that your mother would have loved to join you in....”
“She has been an inspiration. I guess I’ll just begin, open my mind, carry on with research and study and allow it to evolve. I know the ol Celtic ancestry is an influence, and indigenous teachings about how to care for and steward the land. I’d like it to be an organic process. I have a feeling there’ll be some debate and discussion between differing schools of thought or belief.”
“Indeed as all faiths. You might want to start with some of the older texts, The Faerie Faith in Celtic Countries by W Y Evans-Wentz written in 1911 is an interesting read and somewhere I have Robert Graves “The White Goddess”....The Story of the Celts, hmmm, leave it with me....”
Sam felt like finally her moments of feeling completely insane were forming into tangible shifts about her spirituality, but that there was a hell of a lot of translating and examining to do.
She thought back to breaking bread with Brigid and the symbology of it, from a mundane distance. She had come across the story of Brigid’s people traditionally baking a spiced bread called bannock for celebrations, hence the star anise and cinnamon smells. The act of breaking bread appears in many cultures as a sacrament or after ritual communion.
She did feel that she was coming to more of a place of getting Brigids poetic energy. Once you began to explore other realms the language of poetry is a powerfull way to express both the luminous layers behind daily reality and the beauty existing in it.
As she was thinking this she’d been doodling subconsciously and had drawn a tree with celtic knotwork type lines in its bark, roots stretched deep down and branches reaching upwards to the sky. Looks like I have my title page sketch.....

Part 25

As such a story of one tome, has become that of two, and then three. Written with intertwining roots in the green realms, a shared trunk of words and images has produced a tale blending the lives of three women from different times but similar persuasions.
There comes a time, not necessarily an ending, when the tale is passed over to the readers imagination, always such a part of it to begin with, and in this moment it emerges that there are other tales to tell, wishing to be spoken. Tales beyond the boundary of the page, or screen, as the case may be. Ones that gently ask, what does the Green Woman whisper to you? When out walking, resting against a sturdy tree, noticing that weed busting out between cracked bitumen or concrete, dabbling toes in a river, wild crafting, nourishing a seedling, wishing you lived nearer a forest, the ocean, or simply going about your day. Does she speak in words or pictures for you, through raising kids, dance, making medicines, study, caring for injured wildlife, music, growing plants, activism, honouring ritual perhaps, her language varies...
“Hows your title page coming along Sam?”
“You know me, multiple sketches are slowly becoming clearer, distilling into complete confusion. Eventually to embroider this blank page and create something like this.. ” she handed over her drawing to Clary..
“Aaah yes, the World Tree...”
“The who?”
“The Tree at the centre of the worlds, axis mundi. You travelled down its roots the other day seeking, and came back inspired to start this book, if I remember rightly, for an old girl.”
“Your memory’s just fine Clary, although I do believe we’ve both forgotten about lunch.” She looked around at the stacks of papers, books and midway research, “and after that a walk, we’ve been cooped up in here long enough for today. After all it’s what’s out there that has inspired all of this.” She made an expressive sweeping motion with her arms which ended up hand nearly touching a vine tendril that had pushed its way into the kitchen via a crevice of some description.
“Well yes, before it has to come in to get us. Damn vines never stop growing, they’ll have the cottage before we know it....”

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