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Abundantly Well: The Complementary Integrated Medical Revolution

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:56 pm
by Allie
Abundantly Well: The Complementary Integrated Medical Revolution.
Our new video course - a companion to Susun's new book Abundantly Well (available Oct 2019) includes a shamanic journey guided by Susun.
She immerses you in the sounds and actions of the Seven Medicines and the Complementary Integrated Medicine Revolution. Slide into Serenity Medicine as Susun's voice soothes you in meditation. Connect with your inner wisdom.

Let Susun guide you to abundant wellness with affirmation and trance. Follow along with demonstrations of tai chi, yoga, qi gung. Explore alternative medicines. Challenge the need to take drugs. Learn how to dive into Deep Medicine and return renewed. A feast for the eyes and a treat for the ears.

Learn more about Susun's new course here: