Healing my health difficulties with Sacred Sex Pleasure

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Healing my health difficulties with Sacred Sex Pleasure

Postby Earthwriter » Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:24 pm

I'm approaching my holistic healing from all angles - physical, emotional, and spiritual - and I know there are many approaches to holistic healing. My question is has anyone here healed your painful bladder difficulties with sacred sex? I don't have a uti, but I do suffer from painful inflammation and I've suffered with this for way too long...I'm tired of suffering and I truly want to heal. I read my healing affirmation 3 days in a row. I'm visualizing healing light love and I pray and meditate. I read that women have been known to heal their bladder difficulties with or without an infection with clitoral orgasms ecstasy, especially squirting...I enjoy sex very much and I'm very thankful I can enjoy multiple orgasms and if I can heal my painful health difficulties with sexual orgasms, I will. It's not easy to talk about it, but I will be more clear. I had a uti once upon a time but not any more. Pain is my signal I need to pee and I don't feel pain during, I feel pain when I'm finished and it feels as if a firey hot burning sharp knife is stabbing me before during and after...I've cried many tears from this pain, not to the point of having to drink chamomile tea or taking cannabis, though I have felt the need at times, but it is very painful and I always feel relief when I'm done, but I've suffered with this for quite some time and unfortunately no one I've spoken with about this understands or is familiar, though a couple women resonated a little and said it sounds like inflammation. I was brutally beaten by high school gang bullies at the age of 13 and punched very hard in the stomach and I sense intuit that this has caused painful damage to all the areas near it. Other that astral projection, which is appealing, I desire and deserve to heal. Thank you for listening. I appreciate all kind loving support.
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Re: Healing my health difficulties with Sacred Sex Pleasure

Postby eliane » Thu Jan 28, 2021 9:36 pm

Yes, I support you Earthwriter, and I hope that you did find it helpful. I have also had some experience with this and have almost instinctively found orgasm to be very healing to any of my bladder woes not really understanding why. Although I hope you did consider corn silk infusion as well, since that is another delicious healing treat! If you have any updates these years later, please let us know!

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