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blood thinning help please at 20weeks pregnant

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:51 pm
by smallworlds
Hello Everyone,
I would really value some advice , i was sent to see a doctor as a precaution by my midwife as my mother had a number of clots during and after pregnancy. As you are more inclined to have a blood clot when you are pregnant the doctor said, as I precaution she wanted to put me on daily injections of clexane which thins your blood. I was in a bit of a muddle when she was telling me as I just went in to get the all clear and was unprepared for the idea of having to have these injection. I am really unhappy about this option, I do not smoke have a healthy weight and would really like to thin my blood using more natural methods..I am just waiting for my blood test to see if the blood clotting is hereditary I am in good health in every other aspect.

I have started to taking a tonic of apple cider vinegar as i read this thins the blood and drinking loads of waters to keep myself hydrated. please if anyone has any information or suggestion anythings that would be safe to try please pass them on. I am based in Northampton but have links to Birmingham and bristol and would be happy to travel if anyone has suggestion of herbist to go visit.

Thank you for your time and support xx