Silver nitrate on umbilicus

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Silver nitrate on umbilicus

Postby whiteowl » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:22 pm

Hello Friends,

My name is Kate and I'm new on this forum. Have been a student of Susun's for almost 30 years.

My 21 year old daughter had a beautiful baby girl 11 days ago. It was a natural birth and baby and mama have been doing great. The baby's cord fell off at 4 day old, and there was a scab. We have been rinsing the scab at diaper changes with pure water. Yesterday they went to the doctor for a recommended check up. While my daughter was busy filling out paperwork, the doctor put silver nitrate on the scab. Now an area the size of a quarter is swollen and brown around the scab! And the scab is weeping. What should we put on it to keep it from a secondary infection? Do we need to detox the silver nitrate?

My daughter was born at home and raised with no doctors, the wise woman way. She wonders if I am a bit extreme, so has been trying to do the natural thing as well as check in with doctors. Now she is seeing that the medical route is not always the best route. Guess she needed to learn on her own. She has been helping me make our own salves, tinctures, etc. for years, so she knows herbs work!

Thanks for your help! I'll do a formal introduction when I have a few extra minutes soon.


Southern Rockies

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