Vitamin A Suppositories for Dysplasia - Now pregnant!

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Vitamin A Suppositories for Dysplasia - Now pregnant!

Postby backyardbees » Thu May 07, 2015 4:59 pm

Hello, My husband and I had been trying for over a year and decided to stop after I had my annual PAP which showed mild-moderate dysplasia on the very inner part of my cervix. (Described to me as inside the hole of the donut/cervix). My doctor wanted me to watch/wait and then get a cone biopsy done if things had not cleared up in six months. That sounded too invasive for my liking so I went the natural route and started a vaginal suppository protocol by Wise Woman Herbals to help heal moderate dysplasia. The protocol consists of doing 6 nights of suppositories with VERY HIGH Vitamin A content followed by one night of an escharotic suppository (Vag Pack). I did three weeks of the protocol and then stopped because I thought my period was coming.

But, Surprise! My period did not come and I am pregnant!! Imagine that, we got pregnant when we were not even trying. Life works in mysterious ways.

I am writing because I am slightly worried about the high doses of Vitamin A suppositories I was taking leading up to conception and then for about 10 days after fertilization would have happened (as best I can guess).

I believe I ovulated on April 15.
April 11-16: Took Suppositories #1 (18,000 IU's Vitamin A each)
April 17: Vag Pack (38,000 IU's Vitamin A)
April 18-23: Healing Suppositories (240,000 IU's Vitamin A - this is the mega dose)
April 24: Vag Pack (38,000 IU's Vitamin A)
April 25-27: Suppositories #1 (18,000 IU's Vitamin A)

It is my understanding that a developing fetus is susceptible to teratogens only after the first two weeks. However, I know that Vitamin A is fat soluble and remains in the body, with excess stored in the liver. I don't know enough about how Vitamin A is metabolized beyond that though and am wondering if anyone has some insight. Was my body even absorbing the Vitamin A through my vagina? Is my baby at risk?

I have an appointment with my midwife on Monday. Just thought I'd post and see if anyone has some knowledge or insight into this. I trust my body will do exactly what it needs to do and have faith that everything will be okay, but it is hard not to wonder about this one.

Thanks for any advice, knowledge or words of wisdom that come my way.

With kindness.

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Re: Vitamin A Suppositories for Dysplasia - Now pregnant!

Postby Movlin » Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:26 am

Hi backyardbees!

I hope you are feeling well. How did the appt with the midwife go? I would not worry at all about the vitamin A so early - the relationship between mother and developing child is symbiotic. We would not have gotten very far as a species if we were too fragile in the first few weeks (a time when the mother doesn't even know she's pregnant). Oh, and congratulations! I just had my sixth child 15 months ago - a homebirth with a wonderful midwife.

Please let us know how you are doing.


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